Beginner’s Guide To Escape Room Games

escape room games

Anyone looking to enjoy thrilling live games whether at the corporate level, with friends or family can try the escape room games. They are becoming a common trend in today’s world especially during the weekend and holiday seasons. One from an innovative company can keep you thrilled all through the game until the end. If probably you are a beginner in these activities, then you might not understand much until you experience. A room escape can be a good start if you come from there or touring the country. ¬†However, this article will offer a guide highlighting all a beginner needs to know about these thrilling activities.

A guide to escape room games

What are escape room games?

In the recent years, people have become innovative looking for games that can interest people and at the same time thrill them. Vault games as they are also commonly known involves a highly themed activity in a locked room where the participants, mostly in teams, strive to solve some puzzles and wizards, then get out of the room within a set time. They may have various themes like Pirates of the Caribbean or any other depending on the creativity of the company owner.

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Common escape room activities

The people’s imagination can be the only limitation to these games. The idea behind them is to create breathtaking and brain teasing activities where teams will have to find answers to various puzzles set to proceed. Some of the common activities may include.

The wizard’s den – this theme is common in most vault room activities where some mysterious magic or wizards like sounds and activities will thrill the team and require them to solve some puzzles. The sounds may mock or appraise depending on success or failure. Some other effects and magic like unprecedented activities may pop-up during the activity to keep the team on toes.

The puzzle – We all know the maze games that we have played since we were kids. However, this has been used by most vault room companies where the teams must find its way till the end within some time. Hitting dead ends is not fun, though!

How to play escape room games

Depending on the company, the activities may differ. However, the idea is similar across the board. The participants are divided into groups and must work together to achieve their goals of making it to the end. They include some puzzles to be solved on the way to some determining whether you proceed or not.

For instance, prison break may involve finding keys to numerous doors for the team to be free. The teams can also earn points at various stages apart from beating the time frame. Depending on the capacity and the number of rooms, the number of people per team may be limited. Likewise, the time can run up to 30minutes so that many teams can play in a day.

escape room games


Finally, it is worth noting that these fun and thrilling escape games are open for all members and are charged. They are highly booked over the weekends, and one need to book early. Do not miss this whole family fun and thrilling activities.